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January 05 2018

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Wrapped up Yoruboku, finally.

Common route: 9/10 best one I’d seen in a while

Hayate route: 7/10 drama falters, but the icharabu makes up for it

Kina route: 10/10 Gayoushi doesn’t disappoint

Riko route: 6/10 not bad, but difficult to parse & strays too much from the main theme IMO

December 10 2017

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You in danger girl

(Yoruboku is such a good game.)

December 01 2017

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Riko is love

Riko is life

November 30 2017

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Yep this is definitely Gayoushi’s writing

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November 29 2017

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Psychologic Love Comedy was a hit for me. Rather rough around the edges and long-winded at times, but games like these make me feel like it’s worth it to waddle through shit at times.

(Although flaunting for 2 hours trying to enter the true route sorta killed the mood for me. I really appreciate the idea though.)

Too bad the circle’s next game project looks dead-er than a parrot. I’ll keep my hopes low and check back in a few years…

November 26 2017

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Tidbit: Sakuragi Mai here reads like a carbon copy of a certain Fujisaki Shiori (pink hair, main heroine, rich, school madonna), but Doukyusei actually predates the first release of Tokimemo by at least two years.

And of course Mai here is a nice girl who wouldn’t refuse to be seen with the protag because “people will be gossiping about us” like a certain someone 凸(`Д´メ)

November 12 2017

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If you ever wanted to play an NTR game from a female perspective, well, this is it. (*´;ェ;`*) 

All relevant scenes I capped were highly NSFW, so have cute Yurippe instead.

November 11 2017

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Nothing screams “edgy” like having a knife for a mousepointer.

July 14 2016

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MDB fandisk nau.

This is definitely not what I expected…

July 11 2016

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5 things I will remember from MinDeaD BlooD:
- sulphuric acid enema
- “no holes left? we should just make some more!”( ・o・)o↑グサ
- Yuuka torture scenes 1 through 3
- Mayu in a box
- Tanoue Jason


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And the award for the most useless choice of the year goes to…

April 17 2016

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Lawl this game is like a bargain sale of Medieval tales. Ogier the Dane! Guy of Lusignan! The Lance of Longinus! Everybody has a relic of Jesus’ crucification!

(also lol apparently Roland defeated Astolfo offscreen - guess that’s what he gets for being appropriated by the Italians)

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The dilemma of having Jeanne d'Arc in a porn game

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☑ Crossdresser
☑ Batshit crazy
☑ Big-ass sword

I like this Mary.

April 16 2016

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O hay Tiphaine Raguenel. Fancy seeing you in an eroge.

March 30 2016

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Also ugh what is that frog…? Seal…?-like thing….

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Since following one game at a time is clearly impossible for me, now I’ve started Tokeidai no Jeanne. It’s good.

Also Jeanne = cute.

March 29 2016

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Just like two minuses give a plus, two bokes cancel each other enough to actually carry a conversation, apparently

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